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Tulum – Thogarihunkal Washed

From: 455.00

From: 455.00

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Cold Brew, Espresso, French Press
Cocoa, Honey, Sweet Lime

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Thogarihunkal has been making great coffee since 1857 and has mastered the art of growing Speciality coffee by experimenting with different processing methods. They have been awarded the Best Cup of India award several times.

This Thogarihunkal washed coffee is chocolatey and floral. It is sweet and full-bodied, perfect for starting the day. We really like this as an Espresso due to its Cocoa notes, and as Cold Brew, due to its natural sweetness. It also has a complex flavour of sweet lime, which makes the cup bright, making it perfect for a manual brew.

Location – Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Process – Washed

Roast level – Medium

Altitude – 3800 – 4200ft

Flavour Notes –  Sweet Lime, Orange Candy, Mild Honey, & Cocoa

Suggested equipment: Espresso, Cold Brew

*No added sugar, flavour or preservatives

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