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Chemex, French Press, V60

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Do you want to start your artisanal coffee journey but don’t know where to start? Or you’re a coffee connoisseur and want to try a few of our coffee before buying our normal bags. Well, to start we have collated the Best of our coffee by different roasts. Choose the right roast assorted pack along with the right grind size according to your brewing equipment.

When our coffee team encounters extraordinary coffees, they set aside just enough to share with you who might appreciate an incredible cup. From Meeting our Coffee Expertise with the Legacy of the world’s most recognized Single Malt Whiskey or Red Wine to Roasting it to the best on itself, experience a different limited-release coffee, roasted by hand and ground to your preference.

This Barrel Aged Assorted Pack (Every 60 gms) contains:

– Amrut Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee

– Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Barrel Aged Coffee

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