Titan – Ice Fermentation



Why it's awesome

Single Estate
Aeropress, V60
Caramel, Nutty, Orange
Medium - Dark

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Titan is a unique coffee with it’s out of the box ice-fermentation process, roasted to a medium-dark profile to bring out the deep hidden layers of flavours. Like Titan, moon of Saturn, the cherries were covered in ice and the flavours locked in, only to explode in the cup.

Roasters Notes

Since we heard about this experimental lot from Stanmore estate, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it. After going through tons of roast profiles, we mastered one to bring out the best of properties and do justice to the hardwork of producers.

Titan, with a green density of 700g/L, is roasted in a way where we took away the heat during its maillard phase and brought back heat during the development phase. This unconventional approach enhanced the sharpness and mix together the inherent flavours of the beans. With sweetness like caramel intertwined with nuttiness and acidity from tangerine like flavours, this coffee is exceptional and we plan to bring back more of it.

Farmers Story

Stanmore estate is recipient of many prestigious awards over the years and bears testament to the hard work of Navin Rajes, Ashok Rajes (older brother) and Kamalesh Pandianathan (cousin). It spreads over 250 acres and is the crown jewel of MSP Coffee banner. The 3 brothers run this business together and Mohan Rajes (father of Ashok and Navin) oversees the entire operation.

For this experimental lot, the hand-picked coffee cherries were cooled down by adding ice during fermentation to keep mucilage intact for longer time and to push more flavours and sugars to the beans. This helped create sharp and strong flavours and bring up overall sweetness of the coffee.

NOTE: Coffee roasted on every Monday and Thursday. All orders are shipped within 24 hours of roasting.