Timemore – Crystal Eye Dripper – Size 02 (2-4) Cups

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Timemore Crystal Eye Dripper 02 PC (2-4) Cups

Time More Dripper is designed with a concave principle, the lower area of the dripper, instead of slowing down the brew actually increases, making the water flow more smoothly and the extraction more uniform.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 X Timemore Crystal Eye Dripper 02 PC (2-4) Cups


  • Comes with 3 indicating levels:
    • 1 – Insulating level – the filter paper completely attached to the smooth top part of the dripper so water cannot get through.
    • 2 – Brewing level – where the brewing action should take place.
    • 3 – Powder level – the ground coffee will fill the bottom area which is less ribbed and more flume to encourage the water flow and thus reducing the chance of over extracting.
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