Strong & Bitter

Tikkiri – Morning Raaga

300.00 inc GST 240.00 inc GST

300.00 inc GST 240.00 inc GST

Why it's awesome

Moka Pot, South Indian Filter
Almond, Dark Chocolate, Figs
Strong & Bitter
Single Origin

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Jumpstart your day with our handcrafted morning blend laced with musical notes guaranteed to perk you right up! A vibrant composition of sweet raagas serenades you in an exuberant composition of Arabica & Robusta. This thoughtfully curated blend creates traditionally sweet brews with a rich body and a luscious mouthfeel. Compliment this classic roast with creamy notes of milk in Madras-style filter coffees or as single-origin espressos.

Size: 250gms

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