Strong & Bitter

Tikkiri – Last Train to Madras

275.00 inc GST 225.00 inc GST

275.00 inc GST 225.00 inc GST

Why it's awesome

Moka Pot, South Indian Filter
Caramel, Dark Chocolate
Strong & Bitter
Single Origin

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Walk down memory lane to the finest degree coffee from good old Madras in our boldest brew yet. An exquisite bittersweet concoction that brings the charm of a classic Madras degree coffee in a carefully selected blend of Arabica and Robusta. Our full-bodied dark roast crafts a cup that vows to have you chugging all day with intense notes to fit in every compartment! Last Train to Madras’s intense notes goes great with milk! Or in rich espressos!

Size: 250gms

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