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Third Culture – Vietnamese Blend

500.00 inc GST 450.00 inc GST

500.00 inc GST 450.00 inc GST

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Medium - Dark
French Press, Moka Pot, Vietnamese Phin

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Traditionally Vietnamese coffee is made with Robusta beans that have been roasted a bit darker to yeild a bold strong cup, paired with condensed milk and enjoyed as a hot drink or poured over ice for a traditional “Ca phe sua da”
Our signature Vietnamese blend is crafted out of speciality coffee beans and is a blend of primararily Arabica beans expertly blended with a portion of speciality Robusta for a bold yet immensely falvorful cup that is toasty , dark deliciousness. Pair it with only condensed milk, for a decadent delicious cup that will leave you wanting more, everyday.Vietnamese Coffee done the “speciality way”, the Third Culture Way.
Try this blend to go down a cultural trip of coffee to Vietnam and to taste a cup rich with notes of cocoa, toasted nuts and black raisins

Size: 250gms

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