Subminimal Flowtip Milk Jug (450 ML)

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The Subminimal FlowTip Milk Jug has 3 Unique Features:

1. ERGONOMIC- The only latte art pouring jug featuring a comfortable ergonomic heat-resistant handle.

2. CUSTOM SPOUT- Designed to make it easy for beginners and ultra detailed for the pros.

3. STOVETOP READY- Warm up your milk without a steam wand or large espresso machine, thanks to the heat resistant handle


The ergonomic and heat resistant handle allows you to use the jug directly on a stove to warm up your milk. You won’t need a steam wand or separate pot for heating the milk at home. This makes the FlowTip Jug the perfect companion for our NanoFoamer. This ergonomic heat resistant handle makes the long hours of working with hot steamed milk a little easier on the hands.

The smooth neck ensures a very even flow of milk during the pour. This gets the latte art started just right.

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