Stagg Pour Over Coffee Maker Set



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Stagg X PO Set

Pour Over for one? Yes, please! The Stagg Pour Over set is compact, and brews a delicious cup of drip coffee. The set includes one size X Dripper, 1 glass and 20 filters to get you started. Once you brew the coffee, you can use the tasting glass to enjoy your coffee – it has a handblown flared lip for easy drinking. The dripper is made with vaccum insulated steel and the steep angle ensures maximum contact between the hot water and the coffee grounds for an even extraction. It’s double-wall holds the heat inside while making the outer surface safe to touch. Now you can brew yourself a professional Pour Over at home!

• Contains 1 size X Dripper, glass body and 20 filter papers
• Brews 1 cup
• Double-glass and vaccum insulated design

Stagg XF SPO Set

The Stagg XF Pour Over set makes 2 cups of coffee per serving. The set includes 30 XF filters, 1 Stagg XF Dripper and Stagg XF Carafe with a lid. The dripper is designed like a tall column so that all the coffee grounds are evenly saturated and you get the best of both – extraction similar to that of an immersion brew, as well as the delicate flavours that are highlighted in a Pour Over. That means great tasting coffee with less effort! The double-wall glass carafe provides heat retention without any condensation, and it also comes with a lid so your brew stays hotter for longer.

• Contains 1 size XF Dripper, glass carafe and 30 filter papers
• Brews 2 cups
• Tall dripper and double-wall glass carafe offers heat retention

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