Strong & Bitter

SLAY X Robusta – India’s Strongest Coffee

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Strong & Bitter
SLAY X Robusta – India’s Strongest Coffee

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SLAY-X Ground Coffee comes from the SLAY-X blend which is India’s Strongest Coffee. This is our tribute to the Indian Robustas which are praised all over the world!

FRESHLY ROASTED COFFEE: All SLAY Coffees are roasted in small batches a few times a week. You get a richer taste, a better aroma, and a great cup of coffee.

INDIA’S STRONGEST COFFEE- Internationally, strong blends contain around 1750 mg per 100 Grams of coffee. SLAY-X on the other hand has 2250 mg of caffeine per 100 grams of coffee making it the strongest coffee in the market and yet the most palatable.

100% ROBUSTA BEANS– Robusta beans naturally contain twice the amount of caffeine compared to Arabica beans. SLAY X is a unique and proprietary blend of Robusta Cherry and Robusta Parchment from the high-altitude estates of Chikamagalur, dark roasted to boost caffeine content.

GRIND SIZE SUITABLE FOR STANDARD BREWING METHODS: A medium-fine grind size is suitable for french press, drip brewing, cold-brewing, traditional South Indian filter brewing methods.

TASTING NOTES: Orange zest, caffeine punch, bittersweet persistent after taste.

Enjoy this coffee straight-up black or with a dairy alternative of your choice- hot or cold.

Size: 250gms

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