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Single Estate
Aeropress, Pour Over, V60
Berries, Dates, Pomegranate
250 grams
Fruity & Experimental

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The one, that can never be forgotten. From India’s best and most farmed estate ‘RATNAGIRI ESTATE’ we bring you a ‘Not So Limited Edition’. From the mastermind responsible for putting Indian coffee on the world map, we bring you ‘Phenom’; a coffee so phenomenal that it will be impossible to forget it.

This coffee is an Anaerobic Black Honey Process which is considered to be the most complex, arduous, and difficult process. This is mainly due to the long fermentation time (up to twice as long compared to yellow and red honey processing) and it takes up a lot of space on the drying beds. The coffee was picked at Brix of 25 and anaerobically fermented for 3 days in sealed tanks which results in making the beans more juicy, sweet, and fruity.  The beans are then dried on raised beds for up to 24 days, and during this time, beans were monitored precisely to make sure it results in a  “Phenomenal” cup.

This one is unforgettable, as it is, as Phenomenal as it could get!


Origin: Ratnagiri Estate

Altitude: 1350 MASL

Varietal: SLN9

Process: Anaerobic Black Honey



Tasting Notes : Floral Aroma,  Pomegranate,  Berries,  Dried Red Dates and Roasted Chestnut

Acidity:  SuperJuicy

Body: Medium

Aftertaste: Long


Roast Rite Color ( Whole Bean): 62

Roast Rite Color ( Ground): 68

Roast Level: Medium

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