Balanced & Smooth

Savorworks – Firenze -The Renaissance Of Riverdale



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Single Origin
Aeropress, Espresso, Pour Over
Almond, Candied Orange, Chocolate
250 grams
Balanced & Smooth

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Back to where it all started from us. Our first ever coffee we purchased when we started was Washed coffee from Riverdale Estate and this is continuation of that. Renamed as ” FIRENZE” because this is what we believe the rebirth of last year washed coffee keeping it’s traditionality in intact in terms of notes of chocolate, nuts and caramel and adding modernity to it by bringing fruitiness, balance of acidity and mouthfeel to it . This coffee is really something special. It’s got smooth chocolate and Toasted Almond note with fruity flavour of Candied Orange that finishes with Brown Sugar like note on the palate. It’s got the same aromatics that Orange has which is amazing to take in. It has a clean, crisp mouthfeel and medium acidity. It’s an easy sipper and no brainer since it is with this coffee our journey began.

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