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From: 475.00

From: 475.00

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Single Estate
Aeropress, French Press, Pour Over
Sweet & Expressive

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Barnby is handcrafted for just that moment in your day, when you need a kick of coffee, but balanced with the richness and zestiness of the Mandarin oranges and marmalade.

A true Light roast that brews super well with all manual brewing methods.

In the form of a conductor, an organist that begins to uplift your lazy afternoon, subtly welcoming the evening beats, chiming the right notes for a warm, relaxing, and upbeat day.

Joseph Barnby (1838-1896) | English Composer and Conductor
Composition suggestion: Sweet & Low, Joseph Barnby

Producer: Orchadale Estate
Process: Washed Varietals: SLN9, SLN5B

Roast Level: Light
Tasting notes: Mandarin Orange, Honeydew.

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