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Solid Green | Ratnagiri Estate

Ratnagiri is a biodynamic farm located in southern India’s western ghats near Bababudangiri. Ratnagiri as a coffee estate is been running since 1927 and with each generation, they have learnt, tried and introduced new processing techniques in the world of Specialty Coffee in India. The estate is currently run by Mr Ashok Patre, who is a genius and is focused to bring out new ways to process green coffees. When we think of Ratnagiri we can picture Dexter’s Laboratory, where they do experiments that turn into delicious coffees.

Location – Bababudangiri, Chikmagalur

Process – Honey Sun-Dried (HSD)

Altitude –  4100ft

Roast profile –  Medium roast

Flavour notes –  Blood orange, mandarin and chocolate

Suggested equipment – Filter coffee, Pourover, AeroPress *

* These are the brewing methods that we think will bring out the best flavour notes from the coffee. It does not suggest that one can not use any other equipment to brew this coffee.

**No added sugar, flavour, chicory or preservatives.

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