Perfetto Special Box of 1 Jar Cardamom Flavoured Instant Coffee 50g

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Cardamom has always been the perfect addition to our desi chai, yet do you know that the Turkish have been adding them to their coffee for years?

Perfetto Cardamom Flavoured Coffee brings the secret of the famed Turkish coffee right to your active, connected lives.

The smoky cardamom flavour will soothe your frayed nerves right away. Perfetto Smoky Cardamom Instant Coffee can be had black and iced or with a

healthy dash of cream. The surprisingly peppy notes of cardamom and great quality coffee will definitely start a debate about cardamom tea versus

cardamom coffee at your table – a debate you are likely to win when the aromas of Pefeetto Cardamom Coffee win them over

Size- 50g

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