Balanced & Smooth

Naivo – Sítio Mãe Da Providencia – Brazil

From: 599.00

From: 599.00

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Single Estate
Aeropress, French Press, V60
Concord Grape, Tomato
Balanced & Smooth

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Sítio Mãe Da Providencia is the farm of Edenilson Carvalho located in Caldas, Sul de Minas in Brazil. This special Microlot is a Naturals processed lot which is SCA top-rated and was produced only in a small quantity. Naturals lots from Brazil are known to display a number of unique expressive flavors that are different from the flavors of Naturals from other regions in the world. They are balanced in acidity and bring rich and heavy body/texture to the cup.

The cup has a creamy texture with bright notes of concord grape complemented with a ripe tomato-like finish. It is omni-roasted to shine across filter and brewing methods and is one of the most flavor-intense, extraordinary, and unique coffees we have experienced.


When he was a kid, Edenilson Aparecido de Carvalho used to go to the coffee plantation to see his father working and he started learning from a young age about every step involved in coffee production. He found the coffee-growing activities fascinating and decided that he was going to become a coffee producer. Right after his 19th birthday, he began to work with a friend to gain profit and save up money to buy land of his own. After some years he finally got his small farm and built a house for his family to live and work together. Coffee is his only activity, which he does with a lot of passion and responsibility. All this effort was worth it; Edenilson won first place for his specialty coffee at Cooxupé and SMC held in 2019.