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Sweet & Expressive

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Treat yourself to a juicy cup of coffee that exhibits a very scrumptious but balanced malic acidity which is tuned to perfection by our espresso roast profile. The rich body in this cup is enhanced by flavors of apricot, black currant, and maple syrup.

The Black Honey process used at Moganad Estate involved triple-rinsing and dry fermentation for 24 hours following which the coffee was slow-dried under ample amounts of shade for 18 days. The drying process was done leaving on a large part of the mucilage on the coffee beans which allowed them to imbibe a number of complex flavors from the coffee fruit.

In a valley located at the northernmost region of the Servarayan Hills in Tamil Nadu lies Moganad Estate – a crown jewel of one of India’s top coffee producers – MSP Coffee. At an altitude of around 1280 metres above sea level, the estate is a perfect spot for intercropping and is thus also a home to pepper, cloves, and nutmeg which add their own exotic flavors to the coffee cultivated here.

The varietals of Arabica grown here include Selection 9, Selection 5B, and Chandragiri. Moganad received the “Best Robusta Coffee in India” in 2016 and was also featured in the September 2016 issue in the Global Coffee Report Magazine.

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