Sweet & Expressive

Naivo – Epiphany

From: 595.00

From: 595.00

Why it's awesome

Aeropress, Chemex, Electric Machine, V60
Butter, Walnut
Sweet & Expressive
Brazil, South India

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This blend is a mindfully designed amalgamation of Brazilian Naturals and Indian high-grown Arabicas that yields a bright and creamy cup with nutty, sweet melon aromas and flavours. Epiphany is dedicated to the creative principle of the human mind that fuelled the evolution of coffee.

Coffee has inspired thinkers, creators, and inventors for centuries. We wanted to create a blend that inspired us to get our creative juices flowing.
Epiphany is a tribute to artists, musicians, writers, actors, wanderers, magicians, dreamers, rebels, and anyone else who is seeking moments of inspiration to fuel their creativity.