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Maverick & Farmer – Rohan Bopanna – Master Blend



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Balanced & Smooth
Maverick & Farmer – Rohan Bopanna – Master Blend

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With the green beans for this roast coming from the tennis star’s own coffee estate in Coorg, the Rohan Bopanna masterblend is a medium-dark roast single estate arabica. The arabica from the same estate is is processed in two different ways to give this coffee an interesting body and a clean flavour.

Beans: Arabica

Roast Profile: Medium – Dark

Tasting notes: Toffee

Size: 250gms

This 100% arabica from Rohan Bopanna’s estate in Coorg is a blend of 2 kinds of processes of the same Arabica bean. Our medium-dark profile roasting for this blend gives it a nice, gentle body and a mildly sweet mouthfeel. For this blend only the top 2 grades of arabica from the coffee estate are used, giving you a lovely flavourful cup of filter coffee. You could consume this coffee black or with just a splash of milk.

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