Balanced & Smooth

Maverick & Farmer – Ol’ Smokey


Limited Edition!

Why it's awesome

Single Estate
Cold Brew
Smoky, Spice
Special processing, Washed
Light - Medium

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The world’s first cold smoked coffee is back! For those who love a mellow, sweet-smoky lining to their favourite drink, this Maverick creation is for them. Freshly pulped arabica green beans are cold-smoked for 13-14 hours in a smokehouse to create this unusual, exquisite coffee. You will best enjoy this black or slow cold-brewed with a touch of milk. Pour-over brewing will help retain most of the fruity-smokiness.

Ol’ Smoky by Maverick & Farmer is a micro-lot coffee, we have a limited batch this year.

Size: 200gms

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