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From: 680.00

From: 680.00

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French Press, Pour Over
Light - Medium
Earthy, Nutty
Balanced & Smooth

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Light & Bright is a ‘sessionable’ cold brew, which means you can keep sipping on multiple glasses of this gorgeous drink throughout the day. Light & Bright is a light roast Arabica, with a brightness that’s perfect for the summer and a smooth, mellow finish

Light & Bright isn’t recommended if you like your cold brew with milk or any whitener. Add lots of cubes of ice, some water, and you’re set! Options include adding tonic water instead of water, ginger ale, or soda, and a slice of orange. Go ahead, get innovative,

Beans: Arabica.

Process: Washed, some naturals added.

Roast Profile: Light

Tasting notes: Fresh ripe fruit, Citrus.

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