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Maverick & Farmer – Café Chic

From: 360.00

From: 360.00

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South Indian Filter
Medium - Dark
Dark Chocolate
Strong & Bitter

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Cafe Chic is our only South-Indian-styled chicory blend and is a tribute to the beautiful South Indian tradition of coffee drinking. The chicory (for those of you unfamiliar with chicory, it is the root of the chicory plant, which when roasted creates a flavour and aroma that is very similar to coffee, yet has a very unique taste profile. Initially considered an ‘adulterant’ because of high coffee costs during the Second World War, in France, chicory is now added to coffee to give it that distinct and unique taste). Our Chicory blended South Indian coffee has also got the extra boldness that comes with a higher amount of Peaberry beans. We source our chicory from a farmer from one of India’s finest chicory-growing regions.

Beans: Coffee + Chicory(20%)

Roast Profile: Medium – Dark

Tasting notes: Deep dark chocolate notes

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