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Jasmine, Strawberry, Toffee

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Naturals was created by renowned coffee producer, Nandan Gowda who is a 7th generation coffee farmer from Thogarihunkal Estate.

Thogarihunkal has been making great coffee since 1857 and has mastered the art of growing Speciality coffee by experimenting with different processing methods. They have been awarded the Best Cup of India award several times. These coffees are grown, processed and dried at the picturesque facility owned by the estate in the Baba Budan giri range, above the town of chikmagalur of Karnataka india.

The Natural process Coffee Cherries are Selectively Picked ( Only the ripest cherries are picked ) Sorted, Washed to remove the dirt and then moved to drying patios or beds for a period of 20-28 Days. Once dried these are rested for 40-50 days after which they are Milled (Coffee husk is removed) and Graded. After this all the magic happens in the Roaster where we meticulously work towards roasting the coffee in the best way possible to bring out its Best.


The Dry Aroma of the Naturals is mild to intense notes of Citrus Fruits, Papaya & Berries. In the Cup, Coffee has Mild Floral Notes of Jasmine Blossoms, and reminds us of Strawberry & Toffee. Best Brewed as a French Press for a Full Flavoured cup, Can also be enjoyed as an Espresso for those who like their coffee to be Wild !

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