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Kapi Kottai – Mangifera



Why it's awesome

Single Estate
Aeropress, Chemex, V60
Molasses, Sweet Lime
Light - Medium

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Introducing our second coffee from Kerehaklu. This time a washed! We are calling it Mangifera(Man-ji-fera) after Mangifera indica a.k.a the mango! These trees are very common in coffee estates and are a keystone species; with a lot of forest creatures dependent on them for shelter or sustenance.
The fermentation as part of the washing process has been done in a very controlled manner and this shows up rather interestingly in the cup! The aroma very strongly reminds us of sweet limes and the there is a very prominent molasses like quality to the taste. Texture wise, this coffee is unique with a prominent mouthfeel but not overpoweringly so. Silky is the word that came to our minds to describe this best!

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