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Home Blend – Mandheling – Grade 1



Why it's awesome

Aeropress, Chemex, Espresso, Moka Pot, V60
Chocolate, Earthy

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Choose Whole Beans or The Appropriate Grind For Your Particular Brewing Method
Best Grade 1 Mandheling Is A Specialty Coffee From Indonesia. Mandheling Is Considered To Be One Of The Most Premium Grade Specialty Coffee Around The World
Since The Flavour Notes Of Mandheling Are Similar To Indian Coffees, It Fits Right With The Indian Palate
The Coffee Has Smooth, Heavy Body With Chocolate And Earthy Flavour Notes

More Info

Altitude – 4200-4500M

Processin – Giling Basah

Location – Sumatra

Shelf Life – 365 Days

Storage – Store in an air-tight container at a cool, dry place

Ingredients – Freshly Roasted Coffee Grounds



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