Balanced & Smooth

Naivo – Hacienda La Claudina (Colombia)



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Single Origin
Chemex, French Press, V60
Floral, Malt
Balanced & Smooth

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A sweet and round-bodied delight with lingering notes of mandarin, grapes and pecan nuts. This  omni-roast brings great body and sweetness to an espresso while also holding great potential in  filter brews with its scrumptious mixture of fruity and chocolate flavors. Colombia grows the largest  volume of washed Arabicas in the world and the country in general holds a great reputation globally.  But we didn’t settle for just any Colombian coffee. The Hacienda La Claudina is a highly reputed  plantation located around 100km from Medellín. We picked this washed lot as the best after  roasting and cupping a number of different lots from across the region (of various grades with  different post-harvest processing). 

The Hacienda La Claudina is located in Ciudad Bolívar, a traditional, Colombian coffee-town, about  100 km southwest of Medellín. From its grounds, you get a spectacular view all the way to the  mountain chain called Los Farallones del Citara, which reaches up to a height of 3900 m. 

Its coffee includes 100% washed Arabicas made out of the Colombian Castillo variety, which has  been proved to be remarkably resistant to plant sicknesses. The Hacienda has several different  micro-lots amongst which you can find the yellow bourbon variety. Also available are natural  unwashed green coffees and honey-processed micro-lots. Around 60 plantation workers are in  charge of picking the ripened beans from the plants during the harvest season. 

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