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El Bueno – Whiskey Fermented Yellow Honey

From: 300.00

From: 300.00

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Single Estate
Aeropress, Chemex, Cold Brew, V60
Green Apple, Malt
Light - Medium

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Ignite your taste buds with this LIMITED EDITION release.

After harvesting, the whole cherries were washed with clean water and was allowed to ferment, then the cherries were pulped and moved to african beds for drying.

Once the berries reach the perfect moisture content the coffee is alternated between our whiskey barrels and african beds to develop a smooth combination of yellow honey and barrel fermented coffee.

Roast Style: Light- Medium

Product Content- Single Estate, 100% Arabica

Region: Manjarabad

Estate Name: Harley Estate

Varietal: Arabica No. 9

Altitude: 3100-3400ft

Processing: Double Fermented, Pulp Sun Dried

Tasting Notes : Sweet Green Apple and Dry Malt

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