Strong & Bitter

Corridor Seven – Vienna Roast

From: 460.00

From: 460.00

Why it's awesome

Single Estate
Espresso, Moka Pot
Chocolate, Smoky

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Welcome to the dark side of coffee! Well in all honesty we dont judge and believe to each there own. Frankly any Coffee Roasted this dark shall taste the same since the sugars get caramelized to an extent that you shall find Smoky – Toasty – Roasty notes. People love it and we love you legends.

Roasting Profile: Espresso

Varietal- Catura, SLN- 795

Altitude- 1260MASL

Process: Washed Arabica

Tastes Like: Dark Chocolate, Smoky And Long Finish

Harvest Year: 2018-19

Location- Chikmagalur

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