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Corridor Seven – Ratnagiri Estate Orange Fermentation Process



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Single Estate
Aeropress, Pour Over, V60
Lemon, Orange

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We went little nuts this year. It is our first time that we fermented Coffee with Nagpur Oranges. And it is exactly as it sounds.

We carried direct farm sourced oranges from Nagpur all the way to Ratnagiri Estate in Chikmagalur. Our partner in fermentation was none other that Mr. Ashok Patre the soul of Ratnagiri Estate.
What next? We opened up the tanks filled them with fresh harvest clean coffee cherry and hand cut the oranges squeezing them and guided them with the coffee cherries. The ratio of coffee cherry : orange was set and for the next 72 hours we waited. We kept checked the brix and what the pressures read.
Post 72 hours when we opened the tanks – believe us the fermentation whiff was a real pleasure. The aroma was  a beautiful mix of coffee cherry and fermented (almost alcohol) oranges.

And now that we have this on our table, we tasted it, CARA CARA SWEETNESS with pop of lemon flavour and a beautiful soft finish.

Tastes Like – Cara Cara sweetness, Lemon Acidity with Soft Finish

Roasting Profile – Filter

Altitude – 1450 MASL

ProcessOrange Fermentation

Harvest Year – 2021-22

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