Sweet & Expressive

Corridor Seven – Ratnagiri Estate (Anaerobic Process)



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Single Estate
Aeropress, Espresso
Black Grapes, Strawberry
Sweet & Expressive

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Harvest Year- 2020-21


It is our first year with Mr. Asok Patre and we can already say this coffee is the future for espresso. Our Founder sample roasts coffees and cups it blindly the next day.
This cup was scored 87!! true story. And when the scores were shared with Mr.Ashok- he pulled out his records and told us the most beautiful thing , that Q-Graders from Australia and Canada have scored this coffee exactly the same!
The coffee had a higher brix thus making it more complex.


ANAEROBIC FERMENTATION– Anaerobic (oxygen-free) fermentation is a new method where the coffee is processed in a fully sealed and oxygen deprived fermentation tank. … After around 18-24 hours, the anaerobic process has caused a breakdown in the mucilage and a huge buildup of CO2 pressure in the tank.
Our note for this coffee- we would recommend you have this coffee only for espresso or aeropress. If you want to make a pour over you may be disappointed. The coffee has some particular hint of strawberry and will have all – Sweetness+acidity+ beautiful heavy finish.
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