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Corridor Seven – Kerehaklu Estate – Honey Sun-Dried – Filter Profile



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Single Estate
Espresso, Moka Pot
Plum, Rasin
Light - Medium

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Roasting Profile- Filter

Varietal-  SL-9

Altitude- 1140 MASL

Process- Honey Sun-Dried (HSD)

Brix – 25

Tastes Like-  Raisins, Notes of Plum & Creamy

Harvest Year- 2020-21

The coffee is Chemical free and the agriculture practices are scientific. This Coffee is Selectively harvested with only ripe cherries allowed to ferment in the covered vat ( “concrete tiled tank”) for 8 hours before pulping to encourage microbial activity pre-processing. It is further vatted for fermentation. It is Fermented via the Anaerobic method for 14 hours with agitation.

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