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Corridor Seven – French Roast

From: 460.00

From: 460.00

Why it's awesome

Single Estate
Espresso, Moka Pot
Ash, Burnt Wood

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It just gets Darker here now. A few degrees darker than Vienna profile. We stretch this coffee beyond the 2nd Crack ( what is a crack in coffee – blogs up soon here) Also a few seconds longer and we might get fire in our drum! So we be real careful 😉 Further roasting after 2nd crack carbonizes some of the fibers in the coffee beans leading to a charcoal kind of flavour.

Roasting Profile: Espresso

Varietal- Catura, SLN- 795

Altitude- 1260MASL

Process: Washed Arabica

Tastes Like: Super Bold, Ashy, Burnt Wood & Dark

Harvest Year: 2018-19

Location- Chikmagalur

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