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Corridor Seven – Blend C – Blends Do Have Pride



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Aeropress, Pour Over, V60
250 grams
Black Tea, Caramel, Clove

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Here we have come up with a series Blends Do Have Pride, with 3 blends which we have created to highlight the characteristics of the coffee and give a very Balanced Experience.

Every year with Single Origin coffee we try to highlight the characteristics of the Processing that Estate must have experimented and carried out. Here we have a collection of blends from Indian Estates, the characteristics such that giving us a balanced Cup

We have made some blends for you and have profiled it in a way that it accentuates the flavours.
Every step is carefully monitored and recorded for consistency in every bag right from picking of the beans to roasting. We have a really small amount of this beautiful Blends. So add it to your cart now.

Tastes Like – Hint of Clove, Sweet caramel & Blue Tea Like

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Altitude – 1450 MASL


Harvest Year – 2021-22

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