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Corridor Seven – Black Honey Process ( Bridal Veil )

From: 530.00

From: 530.00

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Single Estate
Aeropress, Pour Over, V60
Cherry, Maple Syrup, Prune

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This process from Kerehaklu Estate is a unique “black honey” process in which the coffee cherries are fermented for 38 hours in an anoxic environment. The drying process is done leaving on a large part of the mucilage on the coffee beans which allowed them to imbibe a number of complex flavors from the coffee fruit.

Tastes Like – Maple Syrup, Prune and Hint of Cherry

Roasting Profile – Filter

Varietal –  SL-9

Altitude – 1150 MASL

Process – Black Honey

Brix – 25

Harvest Year – 2021-22