Comandante Grinder

26,000.00 inc GST 23,899.00 inc GST

26,000.00 inc GST 23,899.00 inc GST
Comadante Grinder on Beandeck - Red
Comandante Grinder

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Comandante Coffee Grinders are known for their design and quality!

We swear you just can’t stop yourself from owning one not just because of the varieties that are available but the precision of the grind that the grinder serves you.

Manufacturing a Nitro Blade is a serious engineering task which requires special tools and machinery, excellent craftsmanship and lots of experience. High-nitrogen martensitic steel is extremely difficult to work with. But when finished, it is tough, highly wear resistant and has a high degree of edge retention.

Built for true coffee enthusiasts and specialty coffee connoisseurs, the C40 ( MKIII ) is a robust high performance coffee hand grinder with an advanced burr set design. The selection of the burr material is the proud result of dedicated research and development. Clear design mixed with high performance!!!

So, hurry get your hands on one of these!

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