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Colombian Brew Coffee – Mint Flavoured Filter Coffee

340.00 inc GST


This is an elegant pack of 250g – 8.8oz – 25 servings Colombian Filter coffee handpicked 100% Arabica Beans. Dark Roast & Grind. Colombian Brew is inspired by Francisco Romero, a priest in mid-16th century Colombia that started its coffee revolution. Colombian Brew Coffee is sourced from the best Coffee Bean Plantations in the world.

This is NOT instant coffee. Perfect for espresso, french press, drip coffee, cold brew, Moka pot, or south Indian filter coffee technique. One spoon makes one cup of 125 ml. Drink hot or cold in milk or water. Add sugar as per taste. This coffee has no sugar, no milk powder, no preservatives.

Weight: 250grams

Why it's awesome

Espresso, Moka Pot
Bold & Classic
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