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Blue Tokai – Nachammai Estate

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From: 480.00

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Aeropress, Pour Over
Caramel, Green Grapes, Lemon

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Introducing the much-awaited harvest from Nachammai Estate, making a return after two years with its sweet notes of caramel, green grapes and lemonade. The tea-like mouthfeel is beautifully complemented by the refreshing lingering aftertaste of citrus.The estate, in collaboration with our team, has incorporated new practices like separating the floaters that have helped improve the quality over the season. A great choice for those who prefer their coffees manually brewed, this one works wonders as a Pour Over and an Aeropress! If you’ve relished our light roasted Seethargundu and M.S. Estate organic coffees, you will love this one!

Nachammai Estate was originally part of a larger plantation which belonged to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Mysore. It was acquired by Palaniappan Ramanathan’s family in 1979, with his father spending several years restoring the estate before Palaniappan took over himself. Nachammai has its own pulping machines and dries its fully-washed Selection 9 beans in a sun-soaked drying yard. In addition to coffee, the estate also produces pepper and oranges. Palaniappan is now undertaking efforts to convert part of the plantation to an organic farm while adding homestay facilities.

Roast Level: Light

Tasting Notes: Caramel, Green Grapes, Lemonade

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