Balanced & Smooth

Blue Tokai – Kerehaklu Robusta

From: 350.00

From: 350.00

Why it's awesome

Single Estate
Espresso, Moka Pot
Almond, Chocolate
Medium - Dark
Balanced & Smooth

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This year, we are partnering with Kerehaklu Estate to get you our first Robusta offering, ever. This R-graded coffee is the first time that the estate has processed specialty grade Robusta. Growing this harvest was also an example of the estate’s push towards sustainable farming, with the use of just rain water instead of normal irrigation techniques.

Halley Huli Natural

Our friends at Kerehaklu used a natural processing technique called ‘Halley Huli’ for this lot. It is an anaerobic, double float process where the cherries are left in ceramic vats overnight. It also has a considerably shorter fermentation time as compared to Arabica. To process this lot, Kerehaklu processed CxR — Congensis crossed with Robusta. Coffee Congensis is closely related to both Arabica and Robusta, and is known to improve the flavour profile of the coffee.

Kerehaklu is constantly pushing the boundaries with their coffee, and this clean, smooth lot can prove to be a game changer for Indian Robusta. This coffee has a heavy body, predominantly chocolatey taste notes and a creamy, plush mouthfeel that is perfectly finished off with an aftertaste of roasted almonds and caramel. This coffee’s beautiful aromas of baking chocolate, roasted nuts and caramel are paired best with milk, and so our roasters recommend brewing this as an Espresso or in the Moka Pot.

Tasting Notes: Bittersweet Chocolate, Caramelised Almonds, Butter Biscuits

Roast Level: Medium Dark