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Blue Tokai – Baarbara Estate

From: 510.00

From: 510.00

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Espresso, Pour Over
Dark Chocolate, Molasses, Walnut
Medium - Dark

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Our medium dark coffee from Baarbara Estate has a wonderful aroma of sweet caramel and dried apricot. We love this coffee’s intense, chocolatey flavour profile. To taste the syrupy, smooth mouthfeel of this coffee, we recommend brewing it as a Pour Over, an Espresso or using an Aeropress, Moka Pot or a French Press. If you’ve enjoyed our coffees from Attikan Estate and Sandalwood Estate, you’ll appreciate the sweet aftertaste and medium acidity of this heavy bodied coffee.

Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate, Walnut and Molasses

Roast Level: Medium Dark

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