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From: 350.00 inc GST From: 315.00 inc GST

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Premium quality, medium roasted, 100% Pure Filter Coffee – BeanSong 100% Pure Filter Coffee is ethically sourced, hygienically packed to ensure you get the freshest coffee for the satisfying cup, every time. • The secret to a good Pure Filter Coffee – The secret lies in sourcing and roasting the beans. The finest handpicked beans are blended and roasted to perfection you get a cup of black coffee that’s unforgettable. Lookout for undertones of Belgian Milk Chocolate.

• A café like an experience at home – Bring the café, home with this medium roast coffee. And luckily because these are drip bags you don’t need any equipment to brew this coffee. Espresso whenever you want, ready in a jiffy.

• Packed for freshness – Our drip bags are nitrogen-packed packs that retain freshness for a long time. This means, what you get is the freshest coffee, full of flavour and aroma in every sip.

• How to use – Open the drip bag, gently pull the ears of the bags, hang the sleeve on the cup. Just pour about 20ml of hot water and wait for 15 seconds. Then add another 10-20 ml water. Sip. Enjoy. Repeat.