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BCR – Venkids Estate

From: 400.00

From: 400.00

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Single Estate
Aeropress, Chemex, Espresso, V60
Caramel, Chocolate, Orange

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A short, scenic drive from Madikeri, past a rivulet or two, leads you to the charming “Papakuchi Coffee” by Venkids Valley Estate, where you are welcomed by Pavan and his wife Shilpa. The estate spreads across 200 acres, and is divided into “Patte” or fields, named aptly by the workers. Imagine being able to spot the exact patch of land your coffee was grown on. Yes, that’s the level of traceability Pavan is able to achieve at this estate.

This SLN6, grown in the “Kenjipatte” is roasted to slightly darker than a medium (some might even call it a medium) to really enhance the syrupy body and the notes of caramel which are offset by the a splash of orange zest. Pretty great for filters, great for espresso!

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