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From: 240.00

From: 240.00


Our cold brew is made from single estate coffee beans, which is roasted specially for our cold brew! For our cold brew, we brew our coffee for 16 hours in a vacuum-sealed chamber and then we filter it using cloth filters, and to really make it sparkle, we pass it through a paper filter, so that you get nothing but the best, freshest, cleanest, tastiest Cold Brew! Also, we don’t add any sugar or preservatives! It’s like instant coffee, just a lot lot lot better!

How to drink it?
Option 1: Just open it and drink it (Yup, it tasted delicious as it is!)
Option 2: Add milk (and/or sugar) to taste and make a delicious Iced Latte!
Option 3: Like it hot? Just heat it up!


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