The Gift of Coffee

Did you know that there are over 10 major festivals in India during the months of October to December? In a country that celebrates diversity through several festivals, days of national importance and other cultural occasions, we want to ensure you’re celebrating with the goodness of coffee. 

Whether this is a gift for a fellow coffee enthusiast or to a newbie who is being inaugurated into the world of caffeine, we’ve put together some great gift options for you to choose from.

The Obvious Choices

Coffee Sample Packs:  An easy one for all kinds of people – you can choose a great selection of coffee samplers and give your loved one an assortment of flavours to taste. Check out our sample trios here.

Gift Boxes: Our partners have put together some delicious limited edition boxes with a variety of coffee options – from Drip Bags to different roasts. View the collection here.

Measuring spoon: It might not seem like much at first but those who take their coffee seriously know the difference the right measurement can make. This handy piece of kitchenware can help get one’s ratios right in brewing the perfect cuppa. 

Scales: If the spoon feels too simple or even on it’s own, getting a pair of scales is another helpful item to own in ensuring your coffee is made right. Check out Timemore’s scale here.

Equipment: A whole range of things to choose from – French Press, Burr Grinder, Mokapot, Siphon – maybe even a gift basket with all of them? Make your selection from our collection of coffee gear here.

The Subtle Choices 

Coffee Candle: There’s nothing like the smell of a freshly brewed cup of coffee and you can have that aroma wafting through your homes for longer with a wonderful coffee candle. Most incense brands will have a variant available. 

Storage for filters: An underrated but crucial part of one’s coffee routine are the filters that usually remain in the box. Check out some cool boxes or storage containers that can house these filters safely and also look good in the kitchen. 

Magazine Subscription: We’re loving the content at Standart which is a well-curated, independent print publication that explores the beauty and diversity of coffee culture. Purchase the subscription here.

Coffee Table Book: We think they’d look great on any table, tbh and you can browse through the list of 403 Best Coffee Table books by Goodreads here.

Dessert: Switch up your usual mithai or chocolates for some with a dash of coffee. There are several artisan bakeries online that either have a range of cakes, truffles, chocolates and even barfi that you can devour. 

Reusable cups: Great to carry around when traveling or at work and good for the environment! Check out the Huskee reusable cup here.

Metal Straw: While this may be a little unconventional, they look good, are environmentally-friendly and let’s be honest – it’s more fun to drink your cold brews with a straw.

Art: Coffee Art is a huge trend and while you can definitely attempt a DIY masterpiece, there are also some wonderful prints available online. 

Share your festive moments with us on Instagram and from the entire team at BeanDeck, we wish you a wonderful Holiday Season!

Image Credits: Ashkan Forouzani, Sincerely Media and Jonathan Borba on Unsplash.

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