(Not) a Coffee Recipe

We’ve established by now that we love coffee and experimenting with different techniques to bring out it’s versatile flavour potential. Another major reason for us to continually stock up our shelves is because it’s great for the environment and helps act as a sustainable alternative to many daily activities.

Here’s our ultimate list of things to do with coffee, besides drinking it: 


Fertilize/Compost – coffee adds certain minerals that are essential for plant growth and also is great to attract worms that are beneficial to your soil and plants. Sprinkle some used coffee grounds on the soil and you’re set!

Flower power – The high acidity in coffee enables your flowers such as azaleas, rhododendrons, and hydrangeas to bloom bigger and fuller. Indoors, use a little mix of coffee and soil in your vase to increase the life-span of your floral arrangements. 

Much room for mushrooms – Coffee grounds have proven to be the ideal medium for growing this tricky ingredient. It takes a little over a month to harvest a crop of mushrooms using coffee as it provides the essential first step of sterilizing the soil. Check out more details on the process here.

Skin and hair

Body scrub of ground coffee, sugar and coconut oil in glass jar on white rustic table, homemade cosmetic for peeling and spa care, top view

Exfoliate – ditch the chemicals and rub coffee mixed with honey or aloe vera on your face and body. Scrub well and feel the difference of a natural glow whilst smelling like an absolute delight. There’s a ton of DIY coffee skin care videos available for you to try out. 

Goodbye, cellulite – Most OTC anti cellulite creams have caffeine as one of their ingredients. Make your own chemical free treatment by mixing damp coffee grounds and coconut oil. Both work wonders for your skin! Apply it on areas you want to focus on, massage for a couple of minutes and rinse. Repeat this daily for a few weeks and you’ll see the difference. 

Shiny, happy hair – brew some coffee – enough to cover the length of your hair as well as a little cuppa for you to drink. Let the coffee cool down and apply it on your hair. Massage it thoroughly and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse well and continue to do this once a week. Over time, you’ll notice shiny, smooth hair as caffeine is rich in nutrients that promote hair growth and nourishment. 


Rubs and Marinades – add a new flavour to your dishes by using coffee in your rubs and marinades – better used with meat as it tenderizes it as well.

Sweet and Coffee – Coffee and dessert are a great pairing so why not use them together! Use instant coffee to make a glaze or filling for your desserts. Use brewed coffee for cookies, brownies, cakes and more! 

Coffee Ice – make ice cubes out of any leftover coffee and use it in your next drink so that the regular cubes don’t water down your drink. You can also make coffee popsicles and enjoy them as is!


Garbage disposal – pour some used coffee grounds mixed with a little water or mould them into a little disc and place it into your disposal. The coffee sharpens the blades and ensures it works better and faster. 

Shiny Pots and Pans – With a similar technique mentioned above, the sharp edges of coffee grounds help while scrubbing to give you a cleaner finish. It’s absorbent properties also aid in soaking up any grease leaving you with thoroughly cleaned utensils. 

Buffed up furniture – make a semi-solid paste with instant coffee and hot water. Scrub it on the smaller scratches on any dark wood furniture. It’ll cover them up and no one will know!

Natural Insect Repellent –  Cockroaches and other bugs have a strange relationship with coffee – most get repelled by it, keeping your house safe from them. Others get attracted to their smell – which also works! Line double sided tape around a jar of damp coffee grounds and trap them neatly to prevent them from getting into the house. Or sprinkle some around doors/wall creases to keep insects away. 

Welcome home – create a coffee pouch using breathable fabric and coffee grounds. Hang it around the house or even in your fridge to either spread a pleasant smell around the house or to absorb any odors you’d like to mask.

Safely dispose of medication – Mix any unnecessary or expired medication in an eco-friendly bag with coffee grounds and dispose of the bag. Ensure it’s tightly packed and let the coffee breakdown the medication. 

For You and Your Pets

Free from fleas – rub and rinse damp coffee grounds on your pet after a bath. This helps in naturally repelling fleas from their body. 

Fresh breath – Get rid of any halitosis by sucking on a whole coffee bean. It demystifies the claim of minty fresh but nevertheless leaves you with fresh breath.

DIY – use coffee for a variety of fun projects – tie-dye fabric, coffee candle, coffee soap and what not! There are several tutorials and resources available, do check them out. 

We’d love to know how you use your coffee grounds! Tell us in the comments or tag us on Instagram.

Image credits: Markus Spiske, Jamie Street, Andrea Tummons, Mike Meeks and Deborah Diem on Unsplash.

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