2020 Coffee Gift Guide

It’s common to see children leave out milk and cookies in most American households on Christmas Eve as their way of welcoming Santa into their homes. This tradition goes back to the Great Depression and was intended to instil a notion of gratitude and giving back for the gifts that kids received during the holiday season. Some believe that this ritual goes further back to the Norse mythology wherein Odin, the most important Norse god, was said to have an eight-legged horse named Sleipner for whom children would leave food out in the hopes that Odin would stop by and leave gifts in return.

Naturally we’ve created our own version of this and recommend treating Santa with a nice hot cuppa after his long journey. The Swedish have a term – fika – which loosely translates to “a break for coffee and nibbles” and is used as both a noun and a verb. We’re combining our two favourites – great coffee and Christmas to gift our friends and family the feeling of a fika.

Whether you’re getting together with loved ones (safely and with distance) or enjoying moments of calm with oneself, coffee speaks a universal language of warmth. It can signify the start of the day, a reward for a hardwork, a gathering of people and makes for the perfect gift. It’s not just the beans or equipment but rather the whole feeling of love and care that gets delivered.

If you happen to adorn Santa’s hat whilst engaging in a round of Secret Santa, check out our list of gifts for all budget types and give your loved ones a fika this festive season:

Up to INR 500

Best think about coffee are the variety of options you have for every budget!

Our sample packs offer the perfect taste of different coffees to your friends & family and make you their favourite Santa quickly!

For the avid home brewers, these filters can make for the perfect gift and keep them brewing for long.

Our friends & family love these instant coffee options and we’re sure yours will too! I mean, look at those flavours…

Pick one, or club some together for the perfect christmas and new year gift.

Up to INR 1000

With that little more to spend, you can get a range of great coffees for those you love.

This Let’s Kauphy Gift box comes in little tins which hold delicious coffee and are an up-cycler’s dream come true

For anyone who wants to upgrade to try our new brewing methods, this gorgeous crystal eye dripper is perfect to get them started on their pour-over journey. Usually prices at 1400, it’s at a limited period discount and can be yours for just 850!

For those who like to try something new, many of our exotic & unique coffees are for under a 1000 and help you get extra points for your coffee knowledge! Psst, ping us and we’ll help you find the perfect one. No one has to know 😉

If your loved one travels a lot, likes to have quick great coffee in their desk drawer or even loves great coffee sans the effort – then Brew Bags will be their best friends (after you, of course!)

Up to INR 1500

If you’re a real ‘spender’ and like to spoil those you love! These are for you.

This Toffee Coffee Gift Box is more than just great coffee, it even has the cutest south indian filter to help you brew it! If that’s not wholesome, we don’t know what is.

4 different delicious flavours in one great looking box, yes please! This Wandering Bean gift box is sure to catch some eyeballs.

We love when things are free, Rage Coffee is adding their famous Rage Shot of coffee to every gift box and we bet your friends will love it.

Know anyone who loves their coffee pressed? Or someone looking for simple easy brewing methods? This French Press from Timemore is the perfect gift for everyone (You can send us one too 😀 )

More on equipment, this coffee server is great to add to that Crystal Eye dripper we mentioned above. It’s highly appreciated alone as well by every coffee enthusiast!

There is so much more you can gift and spread that holiday cheer. We all know 2020 needs it! Reach out to us if you’re confused and our Santa’s Helper Elves will sort it out for you 🙂

Disclaimer: BeanDeck holds no responsibility if any customer ends up with more ‘Santees’ next year because of their coveted gifting skill.

Image Credits: Hello Lightbulb on Unsplash

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