The PartyStarter (Marketing Intern)

Job Type: Part Time
Job Location: Remote

About BeanDeck

What’s a morning without a great cup of coffee? Well, for that matter, what’s anytime of the day without one?

BeanDeck is dedicated towards helping everyone discover the perfect coffee for them. We work tirelessly to find the best coffee producers, roasters and manufacturers to bring to you the best coffee for your preferences.

We are on a journey to introduce India to what great coffee can actually be. Want to join in?

What’s the Job?

Reporting directly to the founding team, you will work on getting the word out about BeanDeck and getting people excited about it. We are looking for The Host that will get people to join the BeanDeck fam.

You will scour through data to figure which segments work and what makes them click and then create relevant messaging for them. You will have the opportunity to see a brand being built from scratch and play a pivotal role in the creation of the company. Right from figuring out what our novice coffee drinkers want to see on instagram to creating promotional campaigns to engage with stalwarts of the industry.

Your role would include but not be restricted to:

  • You will be responsible for end-to-end execution of all our marketing efforts, from strategic planning, concept, design and through implementation to monitoring
  • Conceptualize, design, execute and optimize ads for highest conversions across Instagram, facebook, google and other platforms
  • Create a robust email marketing and engagement process to keep all subscribers engaged but without spamming them (we do not want to be a company that sends constant mails)
  • Set up processes for tracking, reporting and clear segmetation.
  • Experiment and test out new ideas/channels/media
  • Working on engaging and kick ass designs for our social media and advertising

If you are the type that likes taking complete ownership and build skills and deep knowledge on the way to success, this is the job for you. You will not only work on building concepts, but also writing content, working on designs using canva or any other tools and then getting your hands dirty publishing and running ads across facebook, instagram, google and any other channel you feel fit.

What we care about:

  • A creative problem solving mindset – We don’t know what is the right way and don’t expect you to. But we expect you to try.
  • Prior experience or deep understanding of the role
  • Exceptional communication skills – both written and verbal.
  • Technology adaptability – We are a young brand and work with different technology tools to make our lives as productive as possible. Got a reccomendation? we would love to hear it
  • Willingness to work for a startup and in an ambiguous surrounding
  • A love for coffee – This should be understood 😛

What we don’t care about:

  • Which school/college you went to
  • Age/Gender/location/ethnicity – We are an equal opportunity provider and value diversity

What will you get?

  • Amazing coffee! – Yes, we will ship your favourite coffee to you 🙂
  • To be on the ground floor(virtually) of a newly formed company
  • To work on a product that blends 2 high growth industries – Ecommerce and coffee
  • Opportunity to create a lasting presence and convert the internship into a longer term appointment

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