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In our latest blog segment, we’ll be doing Deep Dives – an in-depth and elaborate detail on every little detail from the coffee word. Watch out for our hot, steamy, caffeine filled posts that’ll take you into the deep end on different topics. We’re kicking things off with the Know-Hows of the various coffee equipments and how to best use them. Our inspiration comes from our home coffee bar and the variety of equipment available that each give us a delicious cuppa.

In this post: learn how to use Basic Equipment – channi, French press, drip bags and South Indian filter.


You need two ingredients: coffee (instant or ground) and water! Stir them in a cup, pour through the sieve and you’re done! Add milk/sugar as per your taste.

Found in almost every kitchen, the humble sieve or channi is your best and easiest coffee equipment!

Drip/Brew Bags

They’ve become popular over the past couple of years and we can see why – take a bag, pop it in your mug, pour hot water, let it brew for a few minutes and it’ll be ready to drink by the time you’re done reading this post! They’re essentially a filter with coffee and need water to stimulate the brewing. They make for great travel companions as they’re light, compact and only need hot water.

Pro Tip: Most drip bags are eco-friendly and/or reusable to give you more than just one cup! Ensure the filter doesn’t have a plastic film (most of them are paper) and the used drip bags can form compost.

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South Indian Filter

Let’s start by clarifying one thing – South Indian filter coffee and the South Indian filter are two different things. The former is a particular type of coffee drink consumed and loved by many. The equipment is what we’re describing in this post – a two piece steel jug that comprises of a filter on top and a container at the bottom.

The top part is where you put the ground coffee and pour in water. It brews and seeps through to form the decoction. If your coffee is strong, dilute the concentrate with some hot water and consume it black. You can also adjust the taste of the decoction with milk, sugar and water as per your taste.

Pro Tip: Instant coffee is too smooth and won’t really be the best use for this equipment. Choose a grind catered to a South Indian filter to ensure maximum flavour gets extracted.

French Press

For a novice and connoisseur alike, this equipment comes in different sizes (based on the quantity it can produce), materials (metal, glass, ceramic) and can be used to brew an easy cuppa as well as a technically accurate, well extracted cup of coffee. Check out the best way to use your French Press here:

  • Heat your French Press: Swirl some hot water in the container to maintain a consistent temperature while brewing. This also helps keep the coffee warm for longer.
  • Measure and portion your coffee: Pick a medium grind blend and add a 1:15 ratio of coffee to water. You can play around with the ratio based on the number of cups you’re making as well as your taste. It’ll be best to invest in a scale to accurately measure the proportion but a spoon can work too.
  • Heat the water: You can take it above boiling point or just heat it to a temperature you prefer. If you’re up for getting a little technical, we recommend ensuring it’s between 88-95 degree celcius.
  • Mix: Add the coffee and water in the French Press and stir. Since this is a form of immersion brewing, you want your coffee and water mixed evenly.
  • Brew: Cover with the lid to keep the container insulated, set the timer for 4-5 minutes and let the magic happen!
  • Plunge and pour: Slowly but completely plunge the lid all the way down. Pour into a decanter and serve! Avoid leaving it in the container as it’ll continue to extract flavour from the coffee grounds and make it bitter.
  • Voila, you’re all set! The earliest version of the French Press was created by two French men in 1852 and was eventually popularised by the Italian. We’re grateful to both nations for creating this easy-to-use equipment that gives us the perfect, full-bodied cup of coffee.

Pro Tip: Ensure you clean your French Press thoroughly. At least once a month make it a point to disassemble each part carefully and wash them separately.

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Check out the equipment we have available and let us know in the comments how you prefer to make your daily grind!

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