DIY Home Coffee Bar

Coffee Brewing equipment at home

Picture this – you, a book or laptop, the subtle humdrum of people and of course, your regular coffee order. The familiarity of spending time by oneself or with friends at a cafe is an experience known to all. Besides the vibe, we love checking out coffee shops wherever we go as they give us a chance to taste new brews, learn about their specialities, and often get a glimpse of what goes on behind the bar.

We’ve decided to use the past few months as an opportunity to bring that feeling home and set up a DIY Home Coffee Bar.

Home Coffee Bar Essential

It can be as simple as 1-2-3: 1 mug, 2 ingredients (coffee and water) and 3 minutes to boil and stir! Place a kettle, a bottle of water, a few drip bags/ a jar of instant coffee and a mug on your bedside table and you’re set!

You can also get creative and build a more elaborate arrangement. Find a stretch of counter in your kitchen or arrange your essentials neatly on a tray. You can also convert a spare cabinet into a hidden bar or use a rolling cart/side-table. Perch this anywhere you like in the house and create your very own coffee bar!

We’ve taken the liberty of preparing a few shopping lists to help you:


  • A great selection of coffees. Get a range of roasts, flavours and regions to build a solid collection. 
  • Sweeteners – brown/white sugar, Splenda, honey
  • Milk or non-dairy supplements like almond/oat milk. You can also add a bottle of whipped cream. 
  • Flavour toppings like chocolate bars, cinnamon powder, syrups, marshmallows or even ice-cream!


Basic – easy to use and make great coffee!

Intermediate – a little patience and a whole lot of flavour!

Advanced – precision in technique and taste!

Pro Tip: Add a measuring spoon, kettle, blender and paper filters to fully stock your bar.

You can get one of each to show diversity of technique or progressively add to your collection as you master the art of each one. Watch out for our Deep Dives coming soon on the blog where we’ll delve into each of the equipment types and the know-hows of getting around to using them.


  • Mugs
  • Tall glasses or Mason Jars for your cold brews
  • Espresso cup aka Demitasse
  • A fun tray and coasters
  • Metal/sustainably sourced straws

Don’t forget to:

  • Store your coffee well in air-tight containers to preserve their taste. 
  • Keep a track on the expiry dates for perishables like syrups.
  • Keep a shelf for your favourite coffee-time snacks like cakes, cookies or pies. 
  • Find a cozy spot at home to savour your creations with your favourite book or while working.
  • Get a full cafe-like vibe with some nice music as you enjoy your coffee!

You can get started through BeanDeck and bring out your best barista skills! 

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